Welcome to rllmuk Racing!
Our community is based around a small but friendly group of Assetto Corsa Competizione players. We race every Thursday night.

New members are welcome, but we ask that you follow each of the three steps below to register with SGP, Discord and the rllmuk Forums.

When you're signed up to the forum, message me on Discord (David M#1783) and let me know your forum username so I can fast track your membership and accept your SGP invite.

Step 1 - Register at our Community
Our races are hosted over at To join, head on over to the following link and register to join.
If you're not registered with the platform, sign up first then register to join the rllmuk Racing community.

--> Community
Step 2 - Join our Discord server
Join the rllmuk Discord server -->
Step 3 - Register to join our forum
Our Discord channel is primarily used for in-game voice comms, so sign up to our forums to meet the guys and chat about all things ACC, sim-racing and of course pre/post race chatter!

The forum homepage is here: --> rllmuk Forum

The ACC game thread is here: --> ACC Thread

Practice Server
We have a 24/7 practice server available, usually configured with the track being featured on the upcoming Thursday.

Search for 'rllmuk' in the in-game server browser, and use the password: rllmuk0949 to join.

Times logged on the server are displayed on the homepage of this website.